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1.  Books

(Note: listing includes only books currently available for purchase. Links are pointing to online bookshops – primarily and –, where summaries, tables of contents and/or other readers comments can be browsed)



  • Overview of the fashion and luxury goods businesses



o          Allérès, Danielle. “Luxe... Stratégies, marketing” y  «Luxe - Métiers et Management atypiques» (in French)






o          Jarnow, Jeannette & Kitty Dickerson. "Inside the Fashion Business"




o          White, Nicola & Ian Griffiths (Editors). “The Fashion Business: Theory, Practice, Image (Dress, Body, Culture Series)



  • Manufacturing






    • Harber, Frances. “Fashion for Profit: from Design Concept to Apparel Manufacturing”. Author website, with first chapter available online.





  • Fashion merchandising








  • Fashion marketing/Marketing of luxury goods



    • Chevalier, Michel & Gérald Mazzalovo. «Pro-Logo » (site for the book; also available in French)








§       Also: more information at the book's page at the Boston Consulting Group’s website




  • Other





§       First chapter available online here


§       Reading lists and other references


o          Bibliography/reading lists on fashion marketing and related subjects by the University of Leeds post-graduate programme on textiles and fashion 


o          Fashion Work, specialized bookshop based in Milan


o          Biblioteca Tremelloni del Tessile e della Moda: searcheable catalog available over the Internet (mostly in Italian)