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2.       Reference and General interest papers



  • Overview of the fashion business


o          A note on the global luxury goods industry in 2000. Downloadable (free for registered users) from COLIS


o          Fashion industry: facing the future. Intentia.


o          Hoover’s Industry overview: textile, apparel, shoes & accessories


o          The Fashion Industry Lessons : fashion marketing basics


o          The Fashion Cycle: From Runway To Retail Is Really Fast. Interview with Christine Beauchamp, Retail unit, Boston Consulting Group


o          Fashion: as it is…Overview of the industry and its operating functions.


o          Managing the magic: the business of fashion,  McKinsey & Co. management consultants (project summary)


o          Investment focus: luxury goods, Clariden (investment fund)


o          Fashion: Luxury Unlimited, special report. International Herald Tribune


o          The Big Business of Fashion, Clariant


o          Fashion and the Wealth of Nations ,  speech by Marco Ricchetti on Fashion Economics at the conference “The Business Model of the Italian Design Industry”



o          Analysis of the fashion industry in Spain (note: all in Spanish)


·          Análisis sectorial en España (Spanish fashion industry analysis), by  Cristina Iturrioz Landart, C. Aragón Amonarriz y M. José Aranguren. Published in Mercasa.


·          Special issue of the “Boletín Económico de Información Comercial Española”, May 2003: focus on the textile-apparel business in Spain (monográfico sector textil-confección en España). Full-text access via Biblioteca UCM  and abstract and text  (search for number 2768) .


·          Análisis del sector de la moda (Fashion industry analysis), by Marina Castro Devesa. (free, registration required)


·          El Sector Textil: las actividades del sector textil a partir de la CNAE (The textile industry: the textile industry activities and the Spanish SIC classification), by the Asociación de Colectividades Textiles Europeas (ACTE)


·          El sector textil en España (The textile industry in Spain), by CITYC


·          “Para unos un sector frívolo, para otros una industria millonaria” (“For some, a frivolous sector, for others a million-dollar business”). Brief analysis of the fashion industry and its implications. Trade magazine article by Silvia Manzanera.


·          Benchmarking: the competitive position of the Spanish textile-apparel firm in the international industrial landscape. By Fomento del Trabajo Nacional/Consejo Intertextil Español.


  • Analysis of the fashion industry: other countries


o          The fashion market in Italy.  


o          The Irish clothing industry. 


·          And Recommendations and action points for its development  


o          The textile and clothing industry in the EU, a survey – 2001. Werner Stengg.


o          The textile and clothing industry in the EU: a survey - 2000. 


o          Comparative analysis of EU and National (UK) trends in the textile and clothing industries. By Nigel Berkely & Nicola Steuer.


o          A comparative study of the British and Italian clothing industries.  DTI Economics paper.


o          A study of the UK designer fashion sector. By Newbery Consulting to the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI).


o          The [Australian] Premier’s Fashion Industry Taskforce Report. Australian Government. 


o          The development of the China apparel industry. China Textile University & Harvard Center of Textile and Apparel Research.   


o          Estudio sectorial: industria de la confección y diseño. Ministry of the Economy, Argentina. Includes international comparisons. (in spanish)


o          The Global Apparel Value Chain: what prospects of upgrading by developing countries? UNIDO Strategic Research and Economy Division. 


·          Business strategy “building blocks” in the fashion industry


o        Vertical Integration in the Fashion industry. Antti Rintanen, seminar paper


o        La promoción de la moda española en los mercados internacionales. Vicente José Montes Gan, Boletín Económico ICE, on the internationalization of the Spanish fashion (in Spanish) 


o        Brand survival: Is it better to merge? International Herald Tribune


o        Growth in the fashion industry, colloquium proceedings (in French)


o        Problem Solving and Decision Making in the Fashion Design Process. Pammi Sinha. Abstract


o        Valuation de fashion companies, by J. Fred Weston (Professor Emeritus, UCLA)


o        A Viable E-Commerce Model For the Fashion Industry. Alyssa Peiyu Chen, Master thesis


o        Product adaptation in a world of networks: Brazilian apparel and the global market. Manuela Frazão Pimentel, Master thesis analysing the internationalization of the Brazilian bikinis


o        A conceptual model for reorientation of the apparel industry in Thailand focused on a domestic fashion origination. Anothai Cholachatpinyo, Ph.D. thesis proposal at the Central St Martins College 


o        Survival of the flexible : keeping your supply chain ahead of evolution”, by Kurt Salomon & Associates (management consultants); look for it at the “thought leadership” section.


o        Fashion Enterprise: A Manifesto for Change, por Suran Goonatilake, Center for Fashion Enterprise (London). Discussion on entrepreneurship in the fashion industry.


o        The role of the designer in the textiles and clothing supply chain. Margaret Bruce & Lucy Daly (UMIST). Nordic Textile Journal 2002, p. 36.


o        Alleres, Danielle. Globalisation du Management des Marques de Luxe. IFSAM Conference paper. (in French)


o        Several articles on new technologies applied to the apparel business at The Tech Exchange  


o        Beyond Needles and Thread: Changing Supply Chains in the UK, by Lynn Oxborrow for the HCTAR


·          Prospective studies: trends in the fashion industry  


o        La ropa del futuro: la reestructuración en el sector de la moda en Europa, page 6. (The clothing of the future: the restructuring of the European fashion industry), European Commission/Directorate General for the Enterprise.


o        Consolidation in the Fashion and Luxury industry: A European outlook: overview by investment banker


o        Luxury has gone out of fashion: Valentino sale reveals sour market for high-end firms, International Herald Tribune


o        Conference: "The future of the textile and clothing industry in an enlarged Europe", European Commission/Directorate General for the Enterprise, 2003. Includes The textile and clothing sector after 2005, speech by Pascal Morand, French Fashion Institute (IFM).  


o        European retailing 2010. By Price Waterhouse consultants.


o        Trends in retailing 2005. An outlook for the food and fashion industries. KPMG


o        Trends of the Textile And Clothing Sectors in Italy, Europe, World


        Branding and brand management in the fashion/luxury goods industries


o        Short articles by Suzy Menkes, fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune:

·        Fashion Houses Move to Tighten Brand Control

·        Is luxury's triangle eternal?

·        The brand with the Midas touch

·        Luxury outlets are extending their brands

·        Some like it haute

·        Flaunting clout as well as clothes: Growth and glitter are the branding bywords

·        Talking fashion in Paris  

·        A new uptown arena for glamour brands

·        Bravo! Reburnished Burberry sets the pace

·        Luxury Labels Search for New Identity in a Shaken World

·        Multi-Branding Is the Message as Retailers Focus on Luxury

·        Rebranding Couture


o        Fashion branding: The power of the brand. KPMG.


o        The influence of brands on the fashion purchasing process. Guy Mullarkey, Auckland Business Review


o        Luxury brands and the web, by PSFK eCommunications.


o        Gucci: The ups and downs of haute couture. By Interbrand/Brand Channel.


·          Other

o        Skills foresight for the fashion industry. Eldwick Research Asociates.


o        European Research in the Textile and Clothing Sector: common strategy paper, EURATEX


o        Strategic analysis of the luxury accessories sector, by Nicolas Dahan. (in French)


·          Also: several brief studies by N. Dahan students at the DESS in Management of Luxury Businesses on different segments of luxury goods industry: fashion, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, etc. In French: Etudes sectorielles et thématiques sur les industries du Luxe